New Centerless Grinder Cuts Delivery Lead Times and Streamlines Purchasing Process

centerless grinding

In response to growing customer demand, Alpha Swiss Industries (aka: ASI) has added another thru-feed centerless grinder to complement their Swiss-style precision machining operation. By combining the tight tolerance machining process with the added capabilities of a finish centerless grinder, customers are able to streamline the production lead times and number of required vendors.

ASI’s new centerless grinder

ASI is known for precision machining a variety metals into complex and or delicate components that require tight tolerances. The addition of cylindrical finish grinding directly helped customers who needed a comprehensive “complete to print” source.

“ASI identified an opportunity to go from just a part blank provider. Parts made then went to a heat treat provider, then a grinding provider. We want to provide a complete solution, being a complete part provider” says Jeff Koepke, President of Alpha Swiss Industries.

roundness tester for quality control
Talyrond 265 Roundness Tester

Why Is Centerless Grinding Critical to Round Stock Precision Machining?

In many instances, precision surface grinding is separate from precision machining—especially with round bar stock. In house thru feed cylindrical finish grinding reduces lead time for your shaft products by grinding them in house and providing you a complete part to print.

Because tight tolerances are paramount to Alpha Swiss, quality control has also expanded. Size, roundness, and cylindricity are monitored with our Z Mic laser micrometer and Taylor Hobson Talyrond 265 Roundness Tester.

a laser micrometer that measures finished products
Z Mic Laser Micrometer

Adding Centerless Grinding Allows Alpha Swiss to Stay a Step Ahead

Many of Alpha Swiss’ customers are in the heavy equipment hydraulics, electronics, and medical device industries. With the push to streamline supply chains, bringing centerless grinding in house was critical.

“This equipment will allow us to provide finished small part centerless grinding for our customer base,” says Koepke. “Providing customers with better cost, delivery and quality.”

Alpha Swiss Industries produces many parts that are used into larger processes. Their precision machining solutions fit into hydraulic, electronic, and medical device industries requirements.

Alpha Swiss’ reputation for zero customer rejections and “build to print” processes mean critical tolerance parts are right the first time, every time.

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